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Shop Policies

  • Consent - Infinite Prism believes that anyone being pierced should give their enthusiastic consent. Piercings carry many risks and can have a permanent effect on the client. For this reason, Infinite Prism does not perform piercings on any person under the age of 6 years old. Anyone age 6 years and older must give their consent before each piercing is performed and consent can always be revoked during any part of the process. 

  • Age- Any minor must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and show legal proof of guardianship such as a birth certificate or court paperwork. Said adult must be present for the entirety of the piercing process. Birth certificate or government issued ID is required to verify age for any client. Minimum age requirements for specific piercings are as follows. No exceptions. This being said, we reserve the right to refuse a piercing if we feel said person cannot adequately care for the piercing with or without help.       

                •  Lobes: 6+

                • Other ear piercings: 13+

                • Nostril/Septum: 14+

                • Navel Piercings: 14+

                • Oral Piercings: 15+ (no braces)

                • Other facial piercings: 15+

                • Dermal/Surface Piercings: 18+

                • Nipple Piercings: 18+​


  • Inclusivity- Infinite Prism Body Piercing believes that piercings are for everyone regardless of disability, religion, race, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other trait. Staff maintains an open mind to continuous learning and is dedicated to personal growth in regards to inclusivity practices. We are always open to hear the needs and concerns of our clients and staff. Please don't hesitate to contact the studio with any feedback or concerns.

  • Anti-Racism- Infinite Prism Body Piercing believes in raising BIPOC voices and representing those of all skin colors and identities. As a white-owned business, we recognize the privilege that we profit from and vow to create positive collaborations to diversify the landscape. We stand in solidarity with the fight against historical oppression, systemic racism and white supremacy. 

  • Client Safety- This studio follows all sanitation and safety practices outlined by the Association of Professional Piercers. The safety of our clients is of the utmost importance. All staff is vaccinated for COVID-19 and follows CDC guidelines regarding masks and social distancing. If you are immunocompromised and wish to get a service by our shop, please contact us so we can take additional safety measures to ensure your safety. These additional safety measures can include closing the shop to other people during your visit, mask wearing and other sanitary measures.

  • Staff Safety- Infinite Prism Body Piercing is also dedicated to the safety of all staff. This includes having an Exposure Control Plan, bloodborne pathogens training, and following all safety guidelines set by the Association of Professional Piercers.

  • Employee Interactions- At Infinite Prism Body Piercing, all employees are valued equally including piercers, front of house staff, and any other position held within the studio. We believe that front of house is a valid career choice and not always a precursor to becoming a piercer. 

  • Family-Friendly- This studio is dedicated to providing a family friendly space for children and their families to comfortably receive piercing and jewelry services. This includes having family friendly music, décor, imagery, and language.

  • Pricing- The piercing fee is priced seperately from jewelry. A $5 follow up fee is to check on healing, downsize jewelry and troubleshoot any issues. Jewelry prices range depending on the piece. We are happy to quote you a price on any specific jewelry piece.

  • Right to refuse services- We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone with the shop’s discretion.. We believe in treating others with dignity and respect and expect that in return. Any inappropriate or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated. We also will not pierce anyone who appears to have impaired judgment.

  • The shop owner reserves the right to change, remove or add policies at any given time

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